Fat Loss Challenge Winners

I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in our last fat loss challenge.  Many people not only lost weight, body fat, and inches but they got stronger as well.

This last challenge we had TWO winners in our local Encinitas group.  I'd like to congratulate David Sacks and Johnny Bayard.

The new and improved David Sacks
Several months ago before dietary changes
David Sacks lost a total of 5% body fat in less than 2 months, even after losing weight and body fat the prior months in a previous challenge.  Read David's amazing story to his journey to a strong, fit and healthy life here.  Don't miss his awesome pictures throughout his life along with his wife Robyn.

Johnny Bayard also lost over 5% body fat and over 4 inches in just his midsection in under 2 months.  He lost a whopping 24 pounds with true dedication and hard work.  Johnny never missed a lunch time Kettlebell class, taught by Della Whelchel.  He is much stronger and now able to do pull ups with no problems!  He changed his eating habits in such a large way.  Johnny uses kettlebells several times a week and also makes sure to do something active whether it be outside or in the gym almost daily.  Johnny being only 2 months in to his life changing journey he continues to have more goals and doesn't feel like he is done.  We all look forward to see what more Johnny has up his sleeve and the goals he will continue to reach, throughout his life.


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