Why train the On The Edge Fitness way?

Why workout the On The Edge Fitness way??

The group sessions are literally tailored to fit the clients goals and needs for each workout. The workouts are not one size fits all style like many classes available. Every workout is well thought out and planned for the particular group. In addition, every month there is a new focus. Such as this month is power and strength focused with a major fat loss component.  We will continue to add lots of TRX cable exercises to the classes focusing on balance, coordination, toning, and core. Making the workouts balanced, challenging, different, and most of all effective is what will help you get to your goals and keep you motivated. Being well rounded is very important.

With the intimate environment that is provided it allows each person to get individualized attention throughout the class. We train in a beautiful outdoor setting with great people and fun music. To find out more information about the classes email or visit

Our Mission

Our Mission Our  On The Edge Fitness  community   is committed to providing students with the smartest, most efficient, and effective ...