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On The Edge Fitness Gym is a private outdoor gym founded by Lauren Brooks, world renowned kettlebell educator and coach. OTEF Gym has a well-rounded approach to fitness, nutrition and health. We focus on what your individual body needs as a whole. Working with ages 10-99 we use a progressive approach by testing the quality of your movement patterns which helps us guide you in creating a super strong fit body, strong structural integrity, while making sure your connective tissue stays well hydrated and healthy. We play close attention to what your current lifestyle is before guiding you into a specific customized program.

We've transformed moms, dads, teenagers, seniors, corporate workers in to the strongest and most fit bodies they've ever had. People have avoided surgeries are no longer in pain and have taken their life back with the On The Edge Fitness approach.

To sign up for a consultation, learn more about our private sessions, semi private sessions and classes visit our class site here  

Now you don't have to be local to join On The Edge Fitness Gym. View our class schedule here and learn how you can join right from your living room. We also do online coaching and in person private coaching too. 

If you're more in to grab and go workouts you don't want to miss Lauren's Playground online gym. If registration is closed her videos and programs are the next best thing. Otherwise, become a PREMIUM On The Edge Fitness student today and get access to Lauren's Playground (even if registration is closed).

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schedule may change at times.


9a.m. Pacific Time


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Due to the successful results of having LIVE KETTLEBELL CLASSES online in addition to in person, we will continue our LIVE ZOOM OPTION from now on. 



About On The Edge Fitness Groups by Lauren Brooks


Monday 9:30 a.m.    5:30 p.m.
Tuesday 8:30 a.m.
Wednesday 9:30 a.m.   5:30 p.m.
Thursday 8:30 a.m.
Friday 9:30 a.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m.

About On The Edge Fitness Group

The group and class sessions are literally tailored to fit the clients goals and needs for each workout. The workouts are not one size fits all style like many classes available. Every training session "workout" is well thought out and planned for the particular group attending. In addition, every month there is a new focus. Some months are power and strength focused with a major fat loss component.  Other months are focused on conditioning and speed. We will always focus on movement quality, strength and proper technique to insure that you will achieve the amazing results without injury such as developing a hard lean sculpted healthy body. Making the workouts balanced, challenging, different, FUN and most of all effective. This is what will help you get to your goals and keep you motivated. Being well rounded is very important for any life style.

With the intimate environment that is provided it allows each person to get individualized attention throughout the class. We train in a beautiful outdoor setting with great people and fun music.

About the Unique Training Environment in the Encinitas location

Why not take advantage of the beautiful San Diego weather by exercising outside? A spacious patio and grassy area that gives the option of both sun and shade filled with energetic, motivational tunes taken place at a private residence. There is nothing better than swinging bells around in the fresh, clean air with a fun group of inspiring people.

Group size is limited to keep an intimate and safe setting. Therefore you must reserve a spot prior to coming to class. Accountability is important but if you can not attend a class, a 24 hour notice is requested.  All new students must sign up for a private lesson and screening before entering a class. 

Beautiful Outdoor Training
Tons of kettlebells, Barbell training, Pull-up bars, rings, TRX, med balls, Ropes, Skateboard training...

Rain or Shine we Train
Video of heaviest rain storm of the year below

Pregnancy Training Modifications


Lauren is simply amazing, as a trainer and person.  When I first started kettle bells eight months ago I could not lift a bag of groceries, container of cat litter, or my six year old.  I had a very painful lower back injury that no one could quite diagnose or fix (I had seen doctors and pain specialists and I tried acupuncture, massage, pain medication, ointments, physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, heat, and cold--nothing was making me feel any stronger). When I first started working out with Lauren I refused to swing a tiny 2 ½ kilo bell I was so scared of the pain in my back.  Well, Lauren fixed that.  She was patient but she encouraged me to try many different strengthening exercises (go deadlifts).  She also helped me work through moderate pain and discomfort by facing it in carefully controlled circumstances. Lauren has amazing expertise and the uncanny skill of knowing exactly how much you are capable of doing without pushing it past the breaking point. Within a couple of months I was swinging 16 kilo bells and have graduated from there.  I am so much stronger and I no longer fear the pain in my back because there is no more pain.  I can lift multiple bags of groceries and the cat litter. Best of all, two weeks ago I lifted my six year old for the first time (in a year and a half) without fear.  She said to me, “mommy, you can do this every day now.” And you know what, I can.  Thank you Lauren, for everything.  I am so grateful.
Dr. Statler - Encinitas, Ca

I have always been a runner and fit. However, once I hit my late-forties, between nagging running injuries, and the fact that it was getting harder to keep off inches around my waistline I had to find something new. I decided to try kettlebell classes with Lauren. I have never felt so good about the way I look, and I get lots of compliments. The best thing about kettlebells is that you DON'T bulk up; you only get leaner, stronger and more sculpted!

Robin D.


Our Mission

Our Mission

Our On The Edge Fitness community is committed to providing students with the smartest, most efficient, and effective way of training.  Our workouts are centered around the kettlebell philosophy which utilizes body weight training, kettlebells, TRX, Rings, Ropes, Trampoline, Primal Move, and more for a balanced integration.  This in turn allows our clients to make the most amazing transformations!  We are devoted to making our workout system so awesome that sticking to it and making it a lifestyle turns into just plain fun!  
As a busy mom of four, I know first hand how hard it is to make exercise a priority, much less look forward to it.  I am proud of the workout system I have developed. It not only provides incredible results such as immediate fat loss, increase in strength, stamina, flexibility, but it gets people who despise the traditional gym looking forward to these workouts!  There is nothing more rewarding than watching people have fun and literally transform before your eyes!  
We pride ourselves in the small group setting so each and every person can get individual attention in the group session. 
Our mission is to make this training system a way of life so you move better, look better, feel better, which makes everything else in life just plain fun and easier!!



Introduction to Kettlebell Training Workshop for Beginners Only!

Ready to Learn Kettlebells with other Beginners in a private setting?

Come join us for a fun Introduction to Kettlebell Training.    

Where - Encinitas 

Ready to see what the rage is all about?
Now's the perfect opportunity 

We are proudly opening up a private 2 hour kettlebell workshop that will allow no more than 10 people!  These spots will be open to beginning students that want to learn how to use kettlebells properly along with other smart training to become stronger, leaner, conditioned, flexible, energetic and of course fat loss.  Smart training will include body weight, proper movement patterns, battling ropes, Suspension Training, and tons of appropriate fun progressions to help you on your way to optimal strength, fitness, healthy, lean body, and energy. This workshop will help jump start your journey with a great group starting in the  same place as you.  Together we will motivate, encourage and most of all educate and guide you.  Once you complete the workshop, and we fill you are ready, you will have the opportunity to jump in to any of our group classes or continue on your own safely.


The testimonials and clients speak for itself.  Look through all the testimonials on my site and inspiration from my blog.  The results show and they show quickly.  When you commit and you are consistent it lasts.  I have had these incredible people coming to me for YEARS!  They just get better every year.  Amazing how one can actually look younger as the years go by.

Small group more private instruction - We are only accepting a small group.  Because it will be hands on and very intimate we only want people who are ready to learn and have an open mind.

Do I need to have any experience with kettlebells or training?

Absolutely not!  That is exactly why we are holding this beginning workshop. We want beginners like you and will take you through a specialized program easing you in to this type of training.  If you are a great athlete you will still benefit tremendously.  We work with all levels of fitness.  You will get incredible workouts throughout, but we want you to leave feeling fresh and ready for more.  This is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix, however the results will happen very rapidly as you continue you journey in to smart training!

What do I do once the  session is over?

Once you have completed your session and we feel you are ready, you will then "graduate" to our all level classes that are currently offered.    We will also be opening new times as well once mid summer rolls around.  If those classes don't work we can recommend other instructors as well that will fit with your schedule. You can also take what you have learned and apply it to a program on your own if that works best for your lifestyle.  We understand classes aren't for everyone and many people enjoy working out in the comfort of their own home.  Benefits of classes do outweigh home workouts due to the accountability, the friendships and motivation made within the group, and of course hands on instruction to insure your safety at all times.  

How do I sign up and reserve my spot? 

You can sign up right here below

If you have any questions, requests, or concerns please email Lauren  

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  The results from our clients have been nothing short of phenomenal and outstanding.
Come by to one of our classes and ask them and see for yourself.  The proof is in the pudding and we are very proud of our students.  They all started the same place as you!


Fat Loss Challenge Winners

I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in our last fat loss challenge.  Many people not only lost weight, body fat, and inches but they got stronger as well.

This last challenge we had TWO winners in our local Encinitas group.  I'd like to congratulate David Sacks and Johnny Bayard.

The new and improved David Sacks
Several months ago before dietary changes
David Sacks lost a total of 5% body fat in less than 2 months, even after losing weight and body fat the prior months in a previous challenge.  Read David's amazing story to his journey to a strong, fit and healthy life here.  Don't miss his awesome pictures throughout his life along with his wife Robyn.

Johnny Bayard also lost over 5% body fat and over 4 inches in just his midsection in under 2 months.  He lost a whopping 24 pounds with true dedication and hard work.  Johnny never missed a lunch time Kettlebell class, taught by Della Whelchel.  He is much stronger and now able to do pull ups with no problems!  He changed his eating habits in such a large way.  Johnny uses kettlebells several times a week and also makes sure to do something active whether it be outside or in the gym almost daily.  Johnny being only 2 months in to his life changing journey he continues to have more goals and doesn't feel like he is done.  We all look forward to see what more Johnny has up his sleeve and the goals he will continue to reach, throughout his life.


On The Edge Fitness Gym - Encinitas Kettlebell Gym - North Country San Diego

On The Edge Fitness Gym is a private outdoor gym founded by Lauren Brooks, world renowned kettlebell educator and coach. OTEF ...