Swinging Kettlebells to help Breast Cancer

For the week of May 27th kettlebell group classes will be donation only. There will also be a Beginning Kettlebell Workshop for only $35. 25% of everything will be given to that supports breast cancer. There will be a special schedule this week.

Beginning Kettlebell Workshop - This is designed for the person who has never used a kettlebell before. This will be a 1 hour class that teaches the proper form and technique of the Kettlebell Swing, Clean, Turkish Get Up, Deadlift and much more. After this workshop the student will be allowed to enter the group kettlebell session course.
May 27th, Tuesday at 6 p.m. SPACE WILL BE LIMITED! Email me if you would like to attend and hold your spot.

Kettlebell Group Session. This is a high intensity strength and conditioning workout all in one.
May 27th Tuesday at 4:30
May 28th Wednesday at 6:15
May 29th Thursday at 4:30

Since space will be limited for all classes you must email me to hold your spot.

Looking forward to seeing all of you!

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