Our Mission

Our Mission

Our On The Edge Fitness community is committed to providing students with the smartest, most efficient, and effective way of training.  Our workouts are centered around the kettlebell philosophy which utilizes body weight training, kettlebells, TRX, Rings, Ropes, Trampoline, Primal Move, and more for a balanced integration.  This in turn allows our clients to make the most amazing transformations!  We are devoted to making our workout system so awesome that sticking to it and making it a lifestyle turns into just plain fun!  
As a busy mom of four, I know first hand how hard it is to make exercise a priority, much less look forward to it.  I am proud of the workout system I have developed. It not only provides incredible results such as immediate fat loss, increase in strength, stamina, flexibility, but it gets people who despise the traditional gym looking forward to these workouts!  There is nothing more rewarding than watching people have fun and literally transform before your eyes!  
We pride ourselves in the small group setting so each and every person can get individual attention in the group session. 
Our mission is to make this training system a way of life so you move better, look better, feel better, which makes everything else in life just plain fun and easier!!


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On The Edge Fitness Gym is a private outdoor gym founded by Lauren Brooks, world renowned kettlebell educator and coach. OTEF ...