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All of our groups are specifically tailored to fit the needs and goals of each individual.  We pride ourselves in keeping our students safe to prevent injury. Our training has fixed many injured people as well. See testimonial on next page.  Every workout is well thought out and planned for the particular group attending in your location or online. These groups are structured like a private session.

This is the ultimate strength, movement, mobility, healing, and conditioning training class that gets you the most efficient workout around!  Your body will turn into the most powerful fat loss, super strong machine that makes everything in life easier!! Ladies, you will NOT get bulky!!  In this class we use kettlebells, suspension training, body weight training, mobility movements, and more. The most cutting edge efficient class around!  We are a community that makes each other stronger. It takes a village and our people that attend our groups are absolutely warm, friendly and encouraging.  

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We pride ourselves in the life transformations which include fat loss, strength, conditioning, and energy improvement that our committed community achieves.

Due to the successful results of having LIVE KETTLEBELL CLASSES online we will continue our LIVE ZOOM OPTION from now on. 

Our Mission

Our Mission Our  On The Edge Fitness  community   is committed to providing students with the smartest, most efficient, and effective ...