BuggyBellz - The new Kettlebell Class you can bring your kids to!! (Contact us if you want to start one in your area)

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Not just for Ladies. Men are doing it too!

Those who are new to kettlebells are welcome! To all those moms and dads who love swinging kettlebells, but do not want to part with their baby or toddler, this is the class for you!! This will be the ultimate workout, with your child, that will get you in better shape than before you had your baby. (And that is an understatement). Most know by now the amazing strength and fat burning benefits kettlebells help you achieve . Now combine that with your child in the stroller for some amazing walking or jogging drills outside in beautiful Encinitas.

Why use Kettlebells with your Stroller??

  • Achieve the strong and lean body you have always wanted while increasing endurance using the most amazing tools available today for a complete full body workout.
  • Moms get to work out with other moms that have similar fitness goals. This group will provide a chance to bond and support one another with the joys and challenges of motherhood.
  • The kids love these classes because they form friendships, get to socialize with other kids, and at the end of the class they can play together. All while gaining the positive experience of watching their mom workout. Children learn by example and there is no better way than to show them. Kids will also be very entertained!

Della Whelchel and Lauren Brooks have teamed up together to design the first and only Kettlebell and Stroller combination class now called BuggyBellz. These classes are carefully designed to balance your body in such a way that you get all of your strengthening, conditioning, tummy tightening, cardio, and flexibility in one class. At the same time the kids will enjoy the social atmosphere being entertained by all the moms swinging and even singing with our kettlebells.

Class size will be limit, so sign up now to reserve your spot with these new classes that will be led by Della Welchel.  New Prices are in effect.  

 First class is free.  Email

More classes will be added in the future.  Starting August 2nd we will be meeting at a beautiful park in Encinitas. Contact us for details.

To view the large On The Edge Fitness and BuggyBellz class calendar click here

Those who are brand new to kettlebells may want to set up an introductory lesson.  Or you can view the exercises such as Swings, Cleans, Deadlift, and Squat on my youtube channel. 

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Do I need to be able to be a good runner in order to take this class?
 Not at all!  In fact you don't have to run at all.  Much of our group enjoys fast walking.  Remember this is a strength and conditioning class, so you will be using kettlebells, cables (soon), and other fun gadgets in addition to some short run or walk drills.

Do I need to have a fancy jogging stroller (buggy)?
It is not required to have a jogger.  However, many find it moves easier throughout the grass.  Our new meeting location makes it easier now to have any type of buggy that your baby enjoys.

I have never use kettlebells before.  Will I be able to keep up with the rest of the class?
We have brand new people join on a monthly basis with all different fitness backgrounds. Some haven't even worked out in years. Most just had a baby.  Once you go through your introductory session you will be right on track.

Do I need to bring my own kettlebell?
When you register for BuggyBellz this will include your own kettlebell. Having your own kettlebell will be important so you can practice some of the exercises on your own.  You will have a much quicker learning curve and get more out of your classes as your form improves.

How do I get started?
Contact Della Whelchel or Lauren Brooks for any other questions you have.  We are looking forward to having you in this amazing group of people that are serious about seeing results.

TESTIMONIALS so far from BuggyBellz classes

"Although I am new to kettlebells, I know one thing for certain---there is nothing like it in the world.  I am an avid yogi, and an ex college basketball athlete.  I used to lift heavy weights and train lots of hours.  I feel as though the workouts I get from kettlebells are just as good in a very compact amount of time (and I don't pack on muscle like I used to when weight training as a college athlete) , i get very toned and strong, but i am able to keep my feminine figure.  I love that i feel my glutes and legs getting stronger, even after only a few sessions.  I will never stop doing yoga, but I am more than excited to incorporate kettlebells into my life, as I think it is a wonderful complement to my workout regiment.  The other wonderful thing about kettlebells is that Lauren is an amazing instructor and knows exactly how to push you enough, but respect and honor your limitations and physical boundaries."   
Janeene L, Encinitas, California

"Buggybellz has completely changed my description of working out. Although I have only been doing Buggybellz for around 3 months now, I have noticed a huge change and so have my friends and family! Buggybellz is challenging for me and until I started I never even realized that I needed this challenge! The results that I have seen are amazing and I know there is more to come, which keeps me coming back for more! One of the best parts is that my 19 month old son gets to go, and play and interact with other children his age. Not to mention he gets to see what we are doing and this sets a great example for him "monkey see monkey do".  This class has completely transformed my body and mind, and I know the stronger that I get the more challenge there will be for me as well! I am so glad that I found this class, and finally found the results I was looking for, the confidence in doing things I never thought I could!"
Katie D,  Oceanside, California

"Muscle definition, and friendships with fit mammas and beautiful children!  A great play date without all the wait and weight!   LOVE IT!!!" 

Georgia S, Encinitas, California

"I love Buggy Bellz! I feel strong, my husband says I look great, and my son loves seeing his 'exercise class friends'! Definitely seeing results and having fun, thanks Lauren and Della!" 
Melanie F, Encinitas, California

"I have noticed myself getting stronger and I've lost inches doing kettlebells. Plus it's fun!   My nutrition plan is easy and satisfying.  I lost 5 pounds in the first week I started the nutrition plan. I am not hungry and have energy all day.  I am happy to be cooking healthier for my family.  My children will hopefully learn better/proper nutrition from the changes I am making for us.  No complaints from my husband or kids so far about the food modifications.  I am very happy to have met Lauren (and Della) and be introduced to the world of kettlebells and better health."
Elicia L,  Carlsbad, California

"Wow, in just a couple months I can't believe the inches I've lost. Amazing, and it's not like I wasn't working out before. I went from 2 hours a day 5 times a week to 3 days 1 hour with Buggybellz, and I've noticed a huge difference, and seeing myself on the video is more confirmation. We love the class and all our new friends. Good job Lauren and Della!!!"

Hannah F,  Encinitas, California

"I had also been working out 5 days a week and eating very clean and not seeing much change with how hard I was working out, sometimes twice a day, but implementing buggybellz I have seen significant results in only 2 months and have noticed I have leaned up faster than I ever had before.... I have tried many aspects of fitness, kettlebells are amazing, even better I have met some very amazing Mommys!"

Stephanie C,  Carlsbad, California

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