Announcing the February Fat Loss Challenge Winner

First off I'd like to thank all of the participants in the 4 week February Fat Loss Challenge.  The motivation and determination were astonishing.  I hope everyone continues to keep the good habits going that made the difference.

Congratulations to Carrie Gloria

Carrie lost over 6 pounds and 3 inches in just a matter of 4 weeks.  In just one month she has gotten much stronger and muscular.   What did Carrie do to see such great results?  First off she changed her diet and stayed away from refined flours and sugars.  She still enjoyed a dessert on the weekends.  Carrie has been a runner for about 2 years so continued her joy of running 3 times a week very early in the morning.  Carrie never missed a kettlebell class and worked very hard throughout each one.  Always smiling, but focused!    Congratulations again we are very proud of all your hard work and dedication!

Now I'd also like to announce 2 individuals that also worked extremely hard and came very close to winning.  Unfortunately there is only 1 winner but I'd like to acknowledge how inspiring these 2 are.

Our 2nd place winner is Hilary Bell.  Hilary has been very consistent with going to each and every kettlebell class.  Hilary also changed her habits.  Keep up the amazing work and don't stop!

3rd place winner is David Sacks.  If there was a first place prize for who changed their habits the most along with putting in the most exercise, it would go to David.  David made some serious changes in the last 4 weeks.  He cleaned up his diet so much and hit some personal records.  Newer to kettlebells David was snatching the 32kg with ease.  David definitely gained a lot of muscle and lost inches! You can literally see the difference. 

I hope all of you who participated continue on this journey.  I am so proud of you guys for giving it your all.

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